Aloha & Welcome

Hawai`i Friends of Restorative Justice (HFRJ) is an educational entity that works to help individuals and organizations live cooperatively & peacefully. HFRJ provides education and training for schools, courts, hospitals, prisons, government agencies, NGOs, and others based on a group’s unique needs for peacemaking and conflict management skill building.

Hawai`i Friends of Restorative Justice develops, provides, researches, writes about, and publishes the outcomes of its innovative projects in order to contribute to best practices and evidence-based knowledge about what can help increase peace, civic engagement, healing and reconciliation for individuals and communities.

Hawaii Friends Board of Directors

Hawai’i Friends board of directors January 2019 with our wonderful University of Hawai‘i, MSW intern Ulu Ka’ahanui (with lei), from left Ian Crabbe, Cheri Tarutani, Daphne Ho‘okano, Leela Bilmes Goldstein (front), Lisa Jensen, Lorenn Walker (front), Thomas Haia and Rich Turbin (front), and missing Roger Epstein.

Hawaii Friends Dawn Slaten Esq.

Congratulations, Mahalo, to Dawn Slaten, Esq., pro-bono Ki’e Ki’e award recipient from Hawai`i State Bar Association 2017 for restorative work including administering the family law clinic at the Hawai`i state women’s prison.