Buy The Book – Reentry & Transition Planning Circles For Incarcerated People

by Lorenn Walker and Rebecca Greening

A hand book on how to develop and provide a reentry and transition planning process for individuals. The process can be used by prisons or any program that confines people and by outpatient and probation programs. The process is based on public health, restorative justice, and solution building. It promotes desistance from crime and substance abuse, and helps repair damaged relationships. The process has been used successfully for both youth and adults. The book and process is endorsed by many well known experts of human behavior including: Phil Zimbardo, Stanford psychology professor and 1971 principal researcher of the Stanford Prison Experiment; Ellen Langer, Harvard psychology professor and author of Mindfulness and other books; Shadd Maruna, law professor Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland and desistance expert; John Braithwaite, renowned restorative justice researcher and professor from Australia; Peter Dejong social work professor from Michigan and author of Interviewing for Solutions with Insoo Kim Berg about solution-focused brief therapy.

Paperback – August 20, 2011