Contractors & Pro Bono Providers

Lorenn Walker, JD, MPH

Lorenn has volunteered with the Hawai‘i Friends since 1994. She is a public health educator and restorative lawyer with an extensive background in education and social services ( She is a researcher who develops and evaluates learning programs. She has authored over 60 articles and 3 books since 1999. She worked as Montessori teacher in her teens and was director of a Montessori preschool at age 22; a public welfare hearing officer during law school when she also clerked for ITT in New York; criminal trial court law clerk to Judge Marie Milks; Deputy Attorney General for the State of Hawai‘i for 10 years including civil defense and fraud prosecution; Honolulu Family Court appointed counsel for juveniles and adults in child protection and criminal cases; trainer of solution-focused brief therapy; consultant; teaches for the University of Hawai‘i (UH); former guardian ad litem for civil commitment hearings. She earned her Montessori teaching certification in 1971 from St. Nicholas Training Centre, London, England; bachelors degree in communication in 1980 from UH; juris doctorate degree from Northeastern University School of Law in 1983; and her masters in public health from the UH School of Public Health in 1996.

Dawn Slaten, Esq.
Dawn was raised and schooled on the Island of Oahu and received her BA in mathematics from UH at Manoa and her J.D. from the William S. Richardson School of Law.  She has practiced law for over 20 years, concentrating in family law and worked in all five jurisdictions of the State.  Dawn was the director of Ka Po‘e Hale, a community resource for Wai‘anae coast residents and provider of ho‘oponopono, family group conferencing and legal services to help families avoid CPS interference in their lives. Dawn was also a founder of Effective Planning and Innovative Communications, Inc. (EPIC), where she facilitated, recorded and coordinated `Ohana Conferences (aka family group conferencing) and provided as a family-focused, strength-based gathering of family members and service providers to ensure the safety of children involved with the Child Protective Services (CPS).  Dawn trains facilitators, recorders, coordinators and attorneys, and has presented on family group conferencing at national conferences.  She has also managed corporate finances and provides legal representation when needed.  She also provides legal consultation and family conferences to the residents of Hope for a New Beginning Shelter, an emergency shelter, which began to service the homeless in Wai`anae in October 2006 at Kalealoa.  Dawn facilitates and records Huikahi Restorative Circles and assists in training facilitators and recorders for the program.

Susan Wong, Esq.
Susan is a past president of Hawai’i Friends and former director of the Administrative Appeals Office for the Department of Human Services, State of Hawai’i, a position she held for almost 30 years. She has a masters degree in education and a passion for justice.

Kat Brady
Kat is a community advocate for justice who is actively engaged in bringing the community’s voice into venues where it has rarely been heard. She works to increase civic literacy, public participation, and to reform public policy. Her areas of focus include environmental, cultural, and social justice issues. Kat has served numerous public service groups in Hawai’i for many years and is widely respected as an advocate for disenfranchised people and communities.

Marty Oliphant, M.S.W.
Marty received his masters degree in social work from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2005.  He is currently a social work supervisor and former Child/Adult Protective Services Specialist for Child Welfare Services where he investigated allegations of child sex abuse.   Marty serves on the School of Social Work Dean’s Board of Advisors and is President of the Alumni and Friends of the School of Social Work.  Marty Oliphant is also the former director of the Hawaii Mentoring Initiative and conducted mentor trainings and provided technical assistance to agencies and programs enhancing and developing mentoring programs. Marty has worked with agencies including Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCA, Waikiki Community Center, and Goodwill Industries.

Mara Pike, MS
Mara is a 1998 graduate of New York University.  She is an educator and currently receiving training as a Restorative Circle facilitator for Hawai‘i Friends.

Nettie Lapilio
Nettie is from an ancient line of traditional Hawaiian healers.  As a child, she was chosen by her family to carry on the haku tradition and was trained as a healer and has practiced this for many years.  She is a respected trainer and provider of ho‘oponopono and other Hawaiian healing cultural practices.  She is a skilled facilitator and recorder.

Nadine Dudoit, MSW
Nadine is a social worker and case manager for Family Programs Hawaii, Leeward Voluntary Case Management.  She is a former employee of ‘Ohana Conferencing and trained in facilitation and recording skills.

Tribute to the wonderful Diane Stowell, LFMT who help launch many exciting Hawai’i Friends programs: Diane passed away recently, but her hard work and compassion will be deeply appreciated always. Diane worked with Lorenn meeting people, who pled guilty to crimes including violent crimes, in their homes providing them with the opportunity to address damaged relationships restoratively. Diane was a licensed family and marriage therapist. In addition to seeing individual clients and families, she facilitated solution-focused and restorative interventions with adults and youth for the Hawai‘i Friends. She was a senior mediator and trainer for the Mediation Center of the Pacific since 1986. She was a psychologist for the Claremont Unified School District in California for 12 years. She taught seminars for schoolteachers and administrators from 1984 through 1995 on working with at-risk youth in America and Europe. Her post-graduate work was conducted at the School of Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy at the California State University at Fullerton in California in 1978; she earned her masters degree from the University of Redlands in 1968; and her bachelors degree at the University of California at Los Angeles in 1956. Her legacy inspires Hawai’i Friends and many in Honolulu and all over the world who loved her.