HFRJ was incorporated in 1980 to provide a diversion program for youth in Honolulu’s family court. Since 1996 Hawai‘i Friends the organization has evolved to use public learning principles to help improve our justice system by making it more healing instead of retributive for people of all ages. 
We work with many groups including courts, schools, prisons, social service agencies and others to design, apply, measure and report on unique programs for people to access justice. Our programs encourage individuals to participate in finding what they need to heal when harmed or when they have harmed others. We work with communities, adults and children. 
Our projects are evaluated and the results are published in peer reviewed journals. You can freely download most papers from here  If a paper is not available that you’d like to read please email [email protected] for a copy.
Some of our work has been replicated in whole or part in other states and in many countries.
All donations will be used for our projects. You may review our annual reports under the NEWS section of our website and our 2019 annual report may be found here:
If you have a specific area you want to donate too you can contact us and your donation will be used for that purpose.
Feel free to contact [email protected] for any more information you may need.
Mahalo! ❤🌺