Russ Takai Parole Officer of the Year

Hawai‘i Friends of Justice & Restorative Justice (HFRJ) provided the first Parole Completion
Celebration in 2010 and honored Russ Takaki with an award for his inspirational services to the Hawai‘i
state parole office after World War II through 1972. HFRJ honored Russ because when he administered
the parole office, Hawai‘i has the lowest recidivism rate in the United States.

Justice in Hawaii Community Circle Summary – 4-12-016

On April 13, 2-16 Hawai‘i Friends of Restorative Justice convened a ninety-minute circle event to consider how restorative justice might be used in Hawai‘i. The circle was held at Ali‘iolani Hale, the Hawai‘i Supreme Court, with 35 people including Angela Davis, iconic scholar and justice advocate, and Mark E. Recktenwald, Chief Justice state of Hawai‘i. Participants included former justice system consumers including parolees, people who work in the justice system, students, academics, and community activists whose names are attached.

Restorative Community Concept of Race 5-30-2017

An engaging experience in small groups sharing your experiences concerning the concept of race, what it means, and how it has affected your life and community. You will also have the opportunity to consider and express how you would like the concept of race to be addressed by others.

The two hour dialogue is scheduled as: 25-30 minutes Chief Justice Recktenwald’s opening & introductions in large circle 60 minutes small groups 30 minutes large circle again with any concluding comments from each person (if 46 people attend as currently listed that would give each person about 40 seconds equal speaking time).

Final Community Circle Report on Race – 12-19-2017

Event background

Hawai’i Friends of Restorative Justice (HFRJ) held a third community talking circle, the second one on race, December 6, 2017 at Hawai’i’s Supreme Court Ali‘iolani Hale (which was constructed in 1872 with the help of imprisoned people

The first community circle was held April 13, 2016 concerning justice in Hawai’i, which Dr. Angela Davis participated in. The second circle was held May 30, 2017, which focused on the concept of race and how people have been affected by it. The third circle that this report concerns, was continued discussion of race with a focus on what could be done do to prevent racism and prejudice. The circles concerning race were provided in collaboration with the Hawai’i Judiciary’s Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution.